Shukri Janagale CEO Founder Africa Vs The WorldHello my name is Shukri Janagale.  I am the CEO and Founder of Africa Vs The World. I am not just a Solo-Entrepreneur but an Artist and Educator. Recently, I made the 'Grande Escape'! I left the monotonousness rat race of Canadian life. I was finally burnt out from teaching and was craving the autonomy of entrepreneurship and travel. I registered my business, sold all my belongings and moved to SOMALIA where I currently reside. The concept of Africa Vs The World was inspired by my Students.  When introducing myself as a Muslim Somali Woman I soon found out they had no knowledge of their African ancestry.  Though our weekly lessons this void was soon replaced by a desire to learn more and to showcase their African Heritage.

The concept of Africa Vs The World was then born! Africa Vs the World intends to educate while offering representative modern fashion with the focus to Re-brand Africa. Follow us on IG, we feature a new African country weekly with: Test Your Knowledge Tuesdays (A fun fact question to guess the featured country. ex: The first University in the World was founded by a woman in what country?), Wonderland Wednesdays (Photos that exhibit the countries stunning beauty), and Blog posts to share POSITIVE and FACTUAL information to Re-brand Africa (Continental News and 10 facts About the featured country). 

Click on the images below to check out our business features. We look forward to your next visit =D.


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