10 Facts About Morocco

10 Facts About Morocco

#1. Today Morocco is a constitutional monarchy with an elected parliament. King Mohammad VI, who claims to be directly descended from the prophet, holds vast legislative as well as executive powers.

#2. The Northern African country of Morocco, officially named the Kingdom of Morocco, is situated between Algeria and the annexed Western Sahara (the Southern Provinces). 

#3. In the High Atlas Mountains are many Berber villages, terraced on small ledges and preserving their ancient culture. These are the highest and most dramatic of all Morocco’s mountains and their highest peak is Jebel Toubkal, topping out at 4,167 meters (2.6 miles) high.

#4. The capital city of Morocco is Rabat. The largest city is Casablanca.Other major cities include Fes, Agadir, Oujda, Tangier, Marrakesh and Nador. Its main port city is Casablanca.

#5. Morocco is in the top five African economies by its GDP. Today it has the fifth largest economy in all of Africa.

#6. Tourism is one of the country’s most important economic industries. As many as 10 million people visit Morocco each year. Morocco makes the coast, their culture, and their history the focus of tourism promotions.

#7. Morocco’s economy is heavily reliant on its natural resources. Its major resource is phosphate, used in many pesticides, fertilizers, and animal feeds. Industry and mining contribute almost a third of their yearly GDP.

#8. Tarfaya Wind Farm in Morocco is the Africa’s largest capacity wind farms with 131 wind turbines and a total installed capacity of 301 MW. 

#9. Cannabis is grown in the Rig Mountains and according to the French Ministry,80 percent of the hashish consumed in Europe comes from here.

#10. Morocco’s official languages are Berber and Arabic. The people also speak Moroccan Arabaic (Darija) and French is used in government, media and international commerce as well as substantial sized companies.