10 Facts About Lesotho

10 Facts About Lesotho

#1. Lesotho was formerly known as Basutoland. An individual is called a Mosotho and the people are called Basotho.

#2. The name of “Lesotho” roughly means the land of the people who speak Sesotho.

#3. Lesotho is a high-altitude country, situated at an elevation of 2161 m above sea level. It is also famously known as “The Kingdom in the Sky.”

#4. Lesotho sees 300 days of sunshine every year. Rainy season in the country falls between October and April.

#5. The country experiences harsh cold winters. And the traditional dress of the people, which is a blanket made almost entirely from wool the Seana Marena, protects them from the freezing temperatures. These blankets often contain colorful pattern and are their cultural identity as well as a status symbol.

#6. Lesotho is a homogeneous country. More than 98% of the people of the country belong to the Basotho ethnic group.

#7. The literacy rate is one of the highest in Africa with the rate of women higher than that of the men. Men are mostly occupied in livestock and subsistence farming from a young age.

#8. Because of its natural abundance, water in the country is known as “white gold.”

#9. About 75% of the country’s population lives in rural areas, and animal herding and agriculture is their main occupation.

#10. Almost 90% of the goods that are consumed in Lesotho are imported from neighboring South Africa.