10 Facts about Eswatini

10 Facts about Eswatini

1. Swaziland officially changed its country name from The Kingdom of Swaziland to The Kingdom of Eswatini.

2. Eswatini means "place of the Swati people."

3. Eswatini is the continent of Africa's last remaining monarchy.

4. The Bushfire Festival happens every year. This festival brings people to Eswatini from around the world. It celebrates music, theater, art, poetry, and so much more! The money the celebration brings to Eswatini helps to fund education and healthcare across the country.

5. The official languages are siSwati and English.

6. Eswatini is a land locked country surrounded by South Africa and Mozambique. 

7. The country is largely mountainous.

8. eSwatini’s Kings are polygamous. The current reigning King Mswati III has 15 wives and his father, Sobhuza II (the longest reigning monarch in history) had 70. 

9. At traditional ceremonies the royal family are distinguished by the crown of red feathers in their hair.

10.The economy of Swaziland is fairly diversified, with agriculture, forestry and mining accounting for about 13 percent of GDP, manufacturing (textiles and sugar-related processing) representing 37 percent of GDP and services – with government services in the lead – constituting 50 percent of GDP.