10 Facts About Burkina Faso

10 Facts About Burkina Faso

1. Burkina Faso name translates as “Land of the honest men.”

2. It was formerly known as Upper Volta, and adopted its current name after it gained its independence from France August 5, 1960.

3. Capital of Burkina Faso is Ouagadougou. Written as “Wogodogo” in the Mòoré dialect, it literally means “You are welcome here at home with us”.

4. The official language is French. Other languages spoken include Mòoré, Gourma, Fulfulde, Dioula, Tamasheq.

5. National symbol of Burkina Faso is a white stallion. The people of Burkina Faso are often called the 'Cowboys of West Africa'.

6. Burkina Faso is Africa’s biggest producer of cotton however Gold is Burkina Faso’s main export.

7. 60% of the population is Muslim, while 19% is Catholic, 15% are Animists, and 5% are Protestants.

8. More than 65% of the population of Burkina Faso is under the age of 25. 

9. Former President Thomas Sankara was a great preacher of Africa’s renaissance through self-sufficiency. He abhorred opulence by African despots that led their countries to be more entangled into the yokes of neocolonialism. He pursued zero-foreign-loans policy where the country increasingly weaned itself off the World Bank and IMF which he considered neo-colonial institutions.

10. Salon International de l'Artisanat de Ouagadougou (International Art & Craft Fair) is the largest Craft Market in Africa.